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Thread: Planning a wedding without a wedding planner

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    Planning a wedding without a wedding planner

    Has anyone ever planned their wedding without a wedding planner in Aruba? I have contacted a few wedding planners and a few independent shops (ie florists and bakers) on my own. The mark up that the planners are charging are crazy, I understand they need to make money buy when they are charging me $100 more for the same bridal bouquet I found that to be a bit much.

    I have found the florist, the baker, but I'm in need of a company for chairs for the ceremony. Any help would be appreciated.


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    Welcome to the forum

    You may want to check the online aruba yellow pages.

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    if you're getting married at a hotel, they should have a planner as part of your package.

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    Planning a destination wedding without having a planner is a good thing if a couple is on a tight budget. However, planning one's own wedding is very time consuming to say the least with a lot of research envolved. If you shop around though, you will find affordable merchants that will be very helpful in the long run. But remember one thing, if one chooses not to hire an independent planner, if they have problems with delivery, time constraints etc., dealing with all on their own, it can be quite stressful. If a couple is able to hire a planner that is reputable and affordable, knows which vendor is reliable, the couple will not have to worry if something goes wrong, such as late delivery of chairs etc, or flowers not coming out the way they wanted and the many problems that might arrise if the couple does not hire a planner. If a couple is having their wedding at a resort, the resorts all have their own on site planners.
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    Hello essrule, welcome to the forum.
    To give you an insight of wedding planning in Aruba you could say it is possible but with over 11 years behind my belt I would never ever recommend it. I think hiring your own vendors will save you a lot of money as there is no middle man and if you are on a budget then go direct with the professionals that have been in the business for many years. As a vendor myself and if my best friend asked to do it on her own I would say "No way." Every hotel has a planner and I would check out what entails. Simple reasoning to hire planner is for the simple things that make a wedding go smoothly especially being on an island that you really don't know well. Their are reputable vendors who can guide you through but a coordinator needs to be present such as if someone is late such as todays wedding when the steelpan was stuck in traffic and was 20 minutes late, the flowers were awful to say the least and the air-conditioning in the room was not high enough to keep the newlyweds without sweat. This all fell on the coordinators lap and she had to fix the problem pronto. Why should you stress. The other vendors were on time, professional in every way and they were all hired direct thanks to a sweet American girl (vendor) that likes to give help where it is needed. If you are looking for chairs, setups and decorations and such then please check out Remember one important thing that I always tell my clients- quality is not the same as quantity at a low price, a wedding is not cheap , it is a forever moment that should go perfect. You might have to stretch the dollar a bit but in the end it is all worth it.... Good luck on planning your Aruba wedding.
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