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    ok. i have 3 weeks until i get to aruba. i want to propose to my girlfriend on the beach the first day(weather permitting). any good ideas how i can surprise her a little more? i was thinking about spelling out will you marry me in the sand with seashells but dont know if i can find as much as i need to do that. please give me some good ideas. im getting down to the wire here. i may end up doing it b4 we leave but think it would be much nicer and more romantic on the beach there. please help!!

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    I still like Andrea's idea, or Rob's of proposing on the airlplane, but if the beach and shells is it, you are going to need to occupy her time while you are off shell hunting. Perhaps book her a long spa treatment.

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    Bring your own shells, as you won't find that many to do it with......
    Propose on a sunset cruise instead.

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