I met Lisa in person a while back. All I can tell you is that she is a very lovely person and does her best to make sure that her clients are happy. Radisson has beautiful grounds as well for those special wedding photos too. My husband and I have stayed at Radisson a very times and were always made to feel comfortable. We have stayed at other resorts as well including Marriott. While the grounds are not as lush as Radisson, they do an excellent job as well and their catering department is top notch. As far as prices, you have to compare apples to oranges. Mostly everything in Aruba is imported and at the resorts you will find prices are a bit higher for all services. If you are coming from the United States, let say the New York, New Jersey area which I know so well, the average large wedding at a catering all is over $50,000. For a destination wedding, a large wedding is not going to come cheap. The old expression is "You get what you pay for"!.