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Thread: reception location

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    reception location

    So, my ceremony is going to take place on Renaissance Island; however, I am unsure as to whether I want to have the reception on the the beach as well. I don't know if I want to be in the sand all day! Any suggestions.

    Also, has anyone been there recently. I have read many reviews stating that the hotetl (especially the bathrooms) need to be upgraded. Does anyone have any suggestions?

    This will be our first time in Aruba

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    i think that the reception is held in the restaurant area at renaissance island.
    the restaurant is a pavilion style building.
    financially, if you can, please consider.........a visit to aruba to see the place!!

    renaissance island is LOVELY.
    i do not remember the bathrooms as being offensive or dirty.

    one of the big concerns is mosquitos.
    bug spray is a must.

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    here are a bunch of threads about renaissance weddings!
    happy reading, there is lots of reading to be done :-)

    and this one too
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    The Renaissance Island is one of a kind and will make your wedding day spectacular! I wanted everything outdoors and didn't mind the sand at all.

    Which bathrooms are you referring to? hotel rooms or on the island itself? I went to one set of bathrooms on the island and they did look old but I heard there was another bathroom that guests could use for the reception. I had baskets placed in the restrooms with toiletries.

    The reception takes place on the iguana side of the beach. If it rains it will be moved to the restaurant area. It's definately worth it. It was our best decision ever! Take a lesson from me.... don't sweat the small stuff. Juney is amazing and everything will be beautiful!!

    By the way, the first time hubby and I went to Aruba was for our wedding... lol. All planning was done via email and it was a success. Best of luck and PM me if you have any questions.
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    baby beach, the amazing rock formations, but pretty much everything else too
    I was on the island this weekend - it was amazing. I did not look at the restrooms though... I am locking down the date there as we speak and for me the main reasons were: privacy, amazing setting and everything on the beach. You can have a wedding reception in a ballroom of a hotel anywhere but only a very few places allow you to have dinner barefooted! I love that and think it will be super special for our guests.

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