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    Reverand Gibson

    I have sent emails and have not gotten a response so I \tried to call the number on the website and it says that the number is restricted and doesn't accept any incoming calls any more? Does any know if there is something going on - are they still in business?


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    I think I heard that he moved to St. Martin

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    Arashi & Boca Catalina for snorkeling


    Hello lemarier,
    Unfortunately Robert has moved to another island. He is well missed as he did a wonderful job at delivering heartfelt blessings.
    Aruba has many other officiates that can be hired to deliver the beach blessing. Ask your planner for more information.
    The Aruba Wedding Association (AWA) will soon be up and running with all the details listed on the website to better serve the wonderful people who plan on visiting Aruba and capturing their special day in wedding and events..
    Capturing the passion and love of your special day in paradise.

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