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Thread: Second Honeymoon

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    Second Honeymoon

    I am new to the site and looking for some basic help.
    My husband and I are taking a second honeymoon to Aruba in May to celebrate our 10 year wedding anniversary.
    It also overlaps my husbands birthday.
    We'd like to book a sunset dinner cruise, but there are so many options out there, we're not sure what's good, what's bad and what's a rip off.
    We would like to spend about $250 on the whole thing, so a private cruise is most likly out of the question from what I've seen.
    We're staying at the Westin, if that matters.
    Can anyone recommend a cruise company or give me some ideas?
    I would really appreicate it.

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    Sunset cruise on Palm Pleasure is magnificent. Its a Depalm boat. Lasts 2 hrs on a 100 ft boat, will cost less than 125. I believe they also have a dinner sunset cruise but we have never been on it. Check out the Depalm site.

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    We have done a sunset cruise with Red Sail several times and it has never disappointed.

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