‘Shedding for the Wedding’ premiered on The CW featuring nine couples with two goals in mind….To lose weight and to win a dream wedding. Throughout the season each couple face off in a series of physical challenges in hopes of winning an element of their wedding. Whatever they win will be theirs to keep. In true Biggest Loser style the couples step on the scale to be weighed together with the two couples losing the least amount facing off in an elimination challenge. The couple that loses that challenge will be eliminated.
Fresh off her 50+ pound weight loss, Sara Rue (Less Than Perfect) is the hostess and voice of daily inspiration as the couples go through their pre-marital transformations. Their eating habits are supervised by celebrity nutritionist Ashley Koff and their trainers are Nicky Holender and Jennifer Cohen.
The couples receive assistance from A-list wedding planner Brian Worley in planning the details of their weddings. The unique character and background of each couple will be reflected in the wedding themes they select.
In the finale, the first seven eliminated couples will return for one more weigh-in. The couple that has continued to lose the most weight at home on their own will win their fantasy honeymoon. Then the final two couples will face off for one last weigh-in. In the end, one couple will win their fantasy wedding — a once-in-a-lifetime event — that America will attend.