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Thread: Steelpan at the Ceremony or Reception?

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    Steelpan at the Ceremony or Reception?

    We're trying to figure out whether we should have the steelpan play for the wedding or for the reception. For cost reasons we cannot do both. Any suggestions?

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    We're having the steelpan for the ceremony/cocktail hour and a DJ for the reception.

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    We made arrangements to have one on the beach. I figured it would entertain the guests waiting for my grand entrance on to Eagle Beach LOL. The person we selected has a two hour minimum. Our planner even suggested we have him do half at the ceremony and the other half at our dinner.....I think that would be a pain for him so we'll probably just have him at the beach......BTW....sorry we missed meetiing yesterday! I hope your fitting was GREAT!
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    We did steel pan for the ceremony & cocktail hour and had a DJ for the reception. He did a great job entertaining guests while they waited. While it might have also been nice to have the steel pan at dinner, we needed the DJ at the reception to really ramp up the party for us. =)

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    Hi, I just returned from our wedding at the Westin Aruba (3.3.10) and we used a steelpan for the ceremony and a DJ for reception. I LOVED having the steel pan at the wedding ceremony. I wasn't sure about it at first but I went to youtube and researched steelpan at beach wedding and watched a few. It turned out great!

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