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Thread: Suggestions for food at Renaissance Island for wedding?

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    Suggestions for food at Renaissance Island for wedding?

    For those brides who have had their wedding on Renaissance Island I need some help. I'm not going to be able to have a food tasting so I have no idea what food may be the best to have at my wedding. Has anyone been to or had a wedding on Ren Island and loved the food? If so, what type of food was it? Any recommendations/comments would be great.

    I'm also not sure if I should have a sit down dinner or go with a buffet. I'm almost thinking buffet since there's so many choices/options. I know the food in Aruba is wonderful but I really need some feedback from those of you who have been to Ren Island for a wedding.

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    Will let you know after 1/18

    I'm getting married on Red Island 1/18, so I'll let you know how the food is. We decided on the multiple station buffet.

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    The island is a wonderful location for a wedding. Half the fun of being on it is walking around barefoot. I would suggest the buffet so guests can do just that....Sitting at a table in the sand is nice, walking around in it is better (IMOP).
    I hope you are having a band or DJ. The dance floor is under the sand, they sweep it off, and there's the dance floor. Tell your guests don't wear high heels, or be prepared to remove once on the island.
    Make sure you discuss the bug spray and its availabilty. Its needed for a very short time. To be honest with you,we were there for a sunset a few weeks ago, and it wasn't needed.Maybe its a time of year thing... Other things to think about...your cake, how many levels? The reason I ask is it comes onver on the boat.
    My daughters, 16 & 18, will one day marry on the island...its a 'no-discussion" kind of thing.
    ANyway, best wishes...the Renn is the best. cindyo

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    I agree with these ladies -- a buffet lends itself so well to these settings. Part of being on an island is the fun free spirited atmosphere. I got married at the Marriott 2 months ago and also did a buffet. I think it helped a lot to keep the party vibe flowing, (and it took the pressure off of me to try to figure out what to order for a plated dinner). The Marriott's food was absolutely amazing! If Renaissance is anything like it (since its a Marriott property), you won't be disappointed. My guests are STILL talking about it. And they were great about lettings us customizing the menu. The items they prepared that weren't on the menu were some of their best! I can't remember what all was on Rens menu, but if they share the same "Caribbean Red Snapper" and Plantains recipe it was to die for! I had at least three people that 'don't eat fish' try it anyway and go back for seconds. (And we totally didn't think plantains sounded that interesting but wow - I could have sat with a bowl of just those!) And the beef tenderloin carving station with chimichurri got raves... I would expect Rens food to be as good.

    I was a little uncertain with our choices at first since I had this notion that a buffet is somehow less classy but am SO glad I chose it. I'm willing to bet it won't be like any wedding buffet you're used to seeing at home. Tons of food, beautiful presentation and so conducive to a party atmosphere.

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