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Thread: Thanks for the welcome,

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    Love the whole island!

    Thanks for the welcome,

    I am sorry it has taken so long for an introduction.

    I didn't want to thread jack retties post, so I thought I would start one.

    Rettie, I am from the US. Andrea J, most likely we will be gone (our wedding is on the 6th) but I think several guests may be coming right before the weddding and may be there your first day or so. Thanks to all for the nice welcome.

    We are having our wedding the 6th of August at the Marriott. I think it will probably be a pretty small affair with 10-25 guests. We will do the civil ceremony probably that morning.

    Rettie, you are asking such great questions that I am living vicariously through you. We got a package and haven't got any further, so I will write more about the wedding as we make the decisions.

    We have stayed at the Marriott before. To those of you who worry a little about the "response" time, Aruba is Aruba and "one happy island" is among other things a "pace." The first time I stayed in Aruba, the first three or so days were soo difficult. Everyone was so pleasant but nothing seemed to be getting done. If you go to the front desk the answer was "yes, yes, don't worry about it." One thing after another. . .. nobody seemed in any hurry. "All's good. ." . .and about the fourth day, I got into the routine and the "don't worry, it will get done eventually" started hitting me as a pleasant greeting and day five I started forgetting about my 60 hour work weeks and then day 6 hit and there were new arrivals. . . one group, a couple families from New York came in with a stir and were all hyper and trying to coordinate everything and make all kind of room decisions and dinner decisions and all, and I just looked at them and thought, "people relax, all's good, don't worry about it. . .you're in Aruba."

    I guess I have come to the conclusion, that they will get it done in plenty of time of when it needs to be done, and if they don't, it is because it really didn't need to be done.

    And with as type A as I am, no matter how much I know this, we will probably have an Aruban Bridezilla moment somewhere along the way.

    Can't wait to get to know all you and have lots of fun wedding planning!

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    Any Aruba beach...
    Welcome to the forum Your words ring true in these ears.

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    Every beach is my favorite place to be.
    Bon Bini RichandLiz.... You hit the nail on the head nice and slow! We will enjoy your input and experience.

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    Enjoy the journey.Before you know it the day will be here and over so fast.Enjoy the planning and the great day that your wedding will be in Aruba....Best Wishes...

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