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Thread: Transportation from airport to Divi links?

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    Red face Transportation from airport to Divi links?

    Hi everybody!!
    We are leaving in 6 days for our Aruba wedding!!! Can't even tell you how excited we are!! (,although I am hating the thought of leaving our dogs for a week), my question is,,, most of our guests booked through US air vacations and are staying at the Divi AI, but 5 of our guests booked themselves and are staying at the divi links because they have 2 small children with them and needed more room, those 5 do not have transfers from the airport included. Does anybody know what the options are for transportation for them from the airport to the divi links? They will be arriving on the same flight as us

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    Transportation will be EASY!
    There are taxis lined up and waiting for customers.
    They will have no problem hopping in a cab and getting to the DIVI.

    Fare $22 with a surcharge late at night and on sundays and holidays.
    fare is for cab NOT per person.

    check the link for full list of fares
    NEW TAXI rates effective Sept 1 2009
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    Congratulations on your upcoming wedding!!!! We are also thinking of getting married in Aruba and staying at the Divi AI (and having our beach ceremony there). Please provide a report when you return!!

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