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Thread: wedding dress ideas

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    wedding dress ideas

    Hello there!

    So I know a lot of you ladies on this forum got married in Aruba or know a lucky bride that did. I would love to know what kind of wedding dress some of you wore, i.e. what fabrics worked best for the weather? I have a couple of dresses I have picked out but haven't tried on, so it would be nice to know which fabrics are light and breathable...and didn't cause you to sweat a lot.

    Also, what kind of shoes/sandals did you wear? Or if you got married on the beach, was it better to go without any kind of footwear?

    If you would like to share some pics of you in your dresses, that would be awesome too!


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    I know I'm not a bride but living here and working with brides everyday probably can help a little.

    If you are planning get married on the beach try not to wear something thick material or that has a lot other materials to puff up the dress. Aruba is hot outside!
    If you are doing a ceremony inside with AC then you can where whatever you like 'cause it is cooler.

    Good recommendation would asking you dress maker material for summertime since weather here is the same all year around.

    Shoes is very easy. If you are on the sand you could use just sandals or you can go barefoot.

    For pics of wedding dresses just PM and I'll send you some links with different dresses.

    Live life to fullest and have while doing it!

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    Thanks, Kenny! And yes I would love to see pics...feel free to PM me with them

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    I got married in July in Aruba on the beach at the Westin. It was hot! I was originally goingto wear a more casual destination flowy dress, but decided that it is still my big day so I should go for the real deal. My dress was silk taffeta on top and silk organza on the bottom. I was hot for sure. I also wore flip flops during the ceremony. I changed into a party dress at the reception and heels. It was fun to change it up.

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