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Thread: Wedding Officiant

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    Wedding Officiant

    Hi, I was wondering if anybody had reverend Ruben as their officiant.
    I heard many nice things of him but can not find much info on the internet.

    Any help will be appreciated


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    We used Rev Robert Gibson and loved him....

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    We also had Rev. Gibson! He was great..

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    What is your concern about Rev Ruben? Do you want to know if he conducts a great ceremony or if he'll show up? Your question is a bit broad so I don't know what to respond. Until I hear back from you again, the response to the two suggestive questions I posted is a resounding yes. If you be a bit more specific we can surely lead you in the right direction and no he does not have a website, me thinks!

    Bryan Morris

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    Yes, Rev. Robert Gibson performs a beautiful and meaningful wedding ceremony. In fact, he performed our 50th wedding anniversary vow renewal this past January. He made our vow renewal very special that we will remember for the rest of our lives. However, Rev. Gibson is very sought after and many times he is not available to perform a wedding ceremony on a specific chosen wedding date. If that be the case, contact Diane Keijzer who is also an ordained Minister besides being a wonderful photographer. Robert Arenz is also a wonderful photographer and both Diane and Robert are members of the Aruba Photography Association. Our 50th anniversary photos are posted on this website and were taken by Robert Arenz.
    Aruba's First Destination Wedding Planner
    Specialists in Wedding Coordination and Vow Renewals

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