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Thread: Wedding Vendor Advice

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    Wedding Vendor Advice

    Hi there,
    I am getting married at the Hyatt in August of 2008!
    I was hoping someone can help me with a few questions...

    1. Is there a hair salon and/or person that anyone would suggest for the bride and bridesmaids? A person for make-up as well.

    2. I am trying to get in touch with a florist. Does anyone know one in the area that can help me?

    3. Does anyone know a cigar roller?

    Thanks for your help!

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    Wink Hyatt Advice

    Congratulations on your upcoming wedding in Aruba. As far as hair styling, Aruba Hyatt has a hair styling salon that is very good. Your Hyatt coordinator normally makes the appointments for the bride and guests. Hyatt's policy is that you have to use all of their vendors including florists when you sign their contract to book your wedding date. In the past they used independant wedding planners to assist the bride and groom with their wedding plans and to be the liaison between Aruba Hyatt and the bride and groom. Their policy changed two years ago. Hope this informatiom was helpful.
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