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Thread: Wedding Watching

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    I have to agree with the others- it's ok to watch but try and keep your distance. When we got married, we had a pretty large group of people along the sides watching us. I honestly didn't even notice them though because I was so focused on my hubby to be. It wasn't until we got pictures and video did I realize how many people were actually there.

    I really didn't mind people watching or taking pictures- I know people are curious and it is such a romantic thing that many people don't get to witness. What bothered me though is when we were taking pictures with the sunset on the beach, people would be walking behind us and it was very frustrating. We had an extremely small window to take pictures before the sun went down and to wait every time someone wanted to pass got annoying. Even during the ceremony, people would be walking behind our arch along the water edge. To see people in their bathing suits walking by on our video while saying our vows bummed us out a little.

    Please, if you find yourself in this situation, walk up and around the wedding then back to the water. It only takes a minute out of your time and won’t affect the couple’s lifetime memories. I understand completely that it is a public beach, but a little courtesy goes a very long way!

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    Wedding Watching

    Jennifer, you are so right! True, a little courtesy and respect goes a long way! It only takes a minute or so to walk far enough behind the ceremony as not to get in the way. Remember, if it was your wedding you would not want this to happen to you. Very well said!
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