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Thread: Welcome Bags - Chocolates

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    We purchased Aruba Aloe for our welcome bags and the after sun lotion was USD$4.95/each; and the aloe vera cooling gel was $9.95/each and the waterproof babies (for those who had little ones) was $9.95/each. We had 27 bags so it was kinda costly seeing as we put alot of other stuff in the bags (tylenol, purell, lip balm, bottled water, sand souvenirs, etc.).

    Most of the supermarkets (Superfood, Ling & Sons and Hong King) have aruba aloe and other sun products (tropical brown) at a lower price, but you should price all of them to see which is best.

    FWIW, you should note that its much cheaper to purchase the items at home and bring them with you. For instance, a 12 pack of oreo's (with 4 cookies) was USD$18 @ L&S! If we were to get these at home, it would've been no more than $7. A 12 pk of AWA water was USD$13- again things that can be purchased at home cheaper. It was less expensive for us to bring it down with us. We also didnt want to be disappointed if we werent able to find what we wanted down there.

    Hope this helps!

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    You can contact The Tropical Bottling Company for AWA (lit. "water") that is produced and bottled on Aruba. I am sure they can give you a great deal. I don't know if they would do custom labels...
    Taste of Belgium for the chocolates.
    I highly recommend Super food, good prices and lots of European/Dutch products. GET STROOPWAFELS, Verkade cookies...

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    Thanks Margaret, for the tips on Superfood and the Tropical Bottling Company! I'll look into it.

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