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Thread: Westin Weddings!?

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    Westin Weddings!?

    Hello everyone...I'm having my wedding @ the Westin in May 2010!! We're so excited...even more excited because we'll be visiting Aruba next week to do more planning and research!! There arent that many people or reviews on this site for the Westin...does anyone have advice, stories, or experiences with this resort!? We just hope we picked the right place!! Thanks in advance!

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    Hi Jingle96 ~ Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! There is NO right or wrong place... any place that you have YOUR wedding will be the right place because it will be your day! It can be anything you want it to be, and the most important thing is that you are getting married(!!!).... the rest is only details. Enjoy every minute of it. I hope you have a great trip next week and have fun planning your special day. Best wishes!!

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    Should I plan my wedding in Aruba?

    I have always dreamed of a destination wedding. We have been to Aruba twice and just love it there. I was looking to have a small wedding sometine in 2010. Unfortunately, we don't have too much money to spend on the wedding as we are paying for it ourselves. Does anyone have any ideas for a less expensive wedding in Aruba? We are looking to have a small ceremony and some sort of a reception with about 30 guests. How much am I looking at for something simple and beautiful??

    Any tips are welcomed!!

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    Hi Jen --

    Congratulations! The Westin is a fantastic choice. We were there in May and loved the Westin. In my opinion, it is surprisingly affordable (at least for the high-rise area). We also LOVED the "Terrace" reception space. It shelters you from the wind a bit... its covered but open air and you can look over the pool or out toward the ocean. And best of all, you'll save money because you shouldn't need much decoration. And their 'back-up location' might even be better than the terrace! (in case it rains even though everyone insists it won't). Right now they're using it for a 'gallery' and it totally has an art gallery feel with glass walls and wood floors - beautiful.

    While we ended up choosing another location for reasons other than our wedding we still sometimes wonder if the Westin would have been better for us. I will tell you that they are wonderful when it comes to communication! Much MUCH better than the other high-rises we considered. And please say Hi to Inge for me! She rocks! We absolutely adored her and were confident that she would see to it that every detail of the wedding and reception was perfect. =) She is cheerful and bubbly and is genuinely excited about your wedding. We felt like she'd treat it as if it were her own.

    Best of luck to you!

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    Hi! We are in the middle of planning our wedding right now and are down to the Hyatt, Westin and Marriott. We are leaning heavily towards the Westin because of the prices and how great the communication has been from Inge! I noticed it was hard to find past brides who were married at the Westin, but Inge actually gave me the email addresses of two past brides who were willing to share some photos and reassure me about what a great venue it is. They were both really helpful and made me feel like the Westin would be a great place to wed. I suggest maybe asking Inge, she might be able to pass along some other brides info for you.

    Best of luck!

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    Westin Aruba

    We are looking at the Westin as well! would it be possible to see the pics you received since I will not be able to do a site visit beforehand?


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