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Thread: Woohoo! 7 months later!

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    Woohoo! 7 months later!

    For those of you have provided your advice and efforts to assist with obtaining the documentation from my wedding in March, a BIG THANK YOU. We received our translated documents in July, then the marriage book last week.

    My contact at Amsterdam Manor (where we stayed and had our wedding), Michelle, was very helpful in pushing the process. My coordinator, not so much. I felt like there were a lot of excuses. But some of the biggest effort was from someone who wasn't even part of our wedding day - Bryan Morris. He went above and beyond what I expected considering he has never met me. If his efforts are indicative of his level of customer service, I'd definitely have to recommend his services!

    Thank you again to everyone!
    **LOVED my 1st trip to Aruba & can't wait to go back**

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    Bryan Morris is one of the nicest posters....he is also a great photographer...Bryan thank you for helping Lorrie...

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    Re: Woohoo! 7 months later!

    Yeah, the people in Aruba are nice, they will be friendly with all and the photographers also coopertive. Thank you

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