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Thread: 1st time in Aruba

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    1st time in Aruba

    Hy!I am coming to Aruba for the firts time in september 2018 for a week (from Belgium). I did my research..I want an ALL IN, and I am doubting between:
    Tamarijn = because of the frontal see vieuw. I think it's very romantic..I am travelling alone with my husband...But I read sometimes less good revieuws about this hotel..
    Or..the Renaissance..but I dont like that's not with a see vieuw, and thet u need to take the boot every day to go to the private Island...

    This is the first time to Aruba and our first BIG holiday..I want it to be very nice, can u help? xxx A.

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    hi and welcome to the community forum

    if you do not want to take the shuttle boat to the private island, then scratch the Renaissance right off your list.

    since you want the all inclusive about the Manchebo?

    Manchebo offers non all inclusive as well as all inclusive.

    if you go back and read the "my aruba story" from forum member dividivifan, she gives a good review of the Divi all inclusive which is the sister property to the Tamarijn.

    Look for Divi AI , Tamaarijn and Manchebo reviews.

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    Hi! Welcome to the Community Forum!

    The RUI Palace is an adult only, All Inclusive resort right on the beach also. Different area though from the places you were looking at, but may be another option to take a look at.

    Good luck with the research and planning
    Jacki ~ loving Aruba from NJ

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    Welcome to the forum.... Jackie and Andrea seem to have answered your main questions.... Use the search box at the top right of this page for a variety of topics.

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    Hi Andromaca, welcome to the forum. The Holiday Inn has an All Inclusive option and is right on the beach in Palm Beach. It is not adult only.

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