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Thread: 1st trip to Aruba Need advice!!

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    As glynis suggested Ting Wee should be open, it can be a little pricey compared to grocery store but it will get you through the night.

    I would suggest getting a VisitAruba Plus card. It can save you money on car rentals as well as at restaurants. I believe the card cost around $20. You can easily make your $20 back just by using the card:

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    Hi, there are a lot of Chinese Mini markets open on Sundays up to 9 or 10 PM. and plenty of restaurants and fast food places open on sundays up to late ours.
    In the Palm Beach area is a lot of restaurants and fast food places like McDonalds, Wendys, KFC
    If you have a GPS or an iPhone or Android phone you can use the maps form that does not require Internet Data Access on your phone to work. this way you can find all the places like restaurants, Super Markets and sights of interest. Even the houses numbers are there. I have it and works very well you can never get lost.
    The Car Rentals here don't include GPS in the cars.

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    Hi Jackielu: Glad you were so wise as to go to the "Aruba.Com Forum Website." From reading all the replies, as usual, questions are answered by many knowledgeable Forum Members. I hope you will continue to view and post comments after you visit "Paradise," aka "Aruba. We all loved it there and are sure that you and yours will too. Enjoy. Sorry that I have posted this late; but, "A very warm welcome to the Website."


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