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Thread: 2013 Anniversary---35 years

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    2013 Anniversary---35 years

    Hello Everyone......Need some help on a two week stay for our 35 th anniversary next year and I want to make it special. I'm thinking of July 20 th to Aug 3 rd. Would you suggest a rental time share or rent a house---on the beach. I'm looking for any ideas as I like to start early and keep my options open.

    Thanks Again Bob Foster

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    I love the beach (who doesn't?), anywhere that I can snorkel, The Donkey Sanctuary (much to the dismay of my daughter), the lighthouse.
    Check out the Bucuti. I have never stayed there, but everyone raves about it. It is adults only and right on a beautiful, wide beach.

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    i would look thru timeshare listings
    here, in the timeshare category.......list a request.
    or go to

    aruba has many glorious resorts.

    i agree with superbunches, that the BUCUTI is a great place to enjoy a wonderful anniversary celebration.

    renting a timeshare may be less expensive than a hotel or a house on the beach.

    check out above link
    welcome to the community forum

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    Congratulations on 35....made me realize that our 25th is next year so thanks.

    My wife and I own timeshares at two the change during two week stays. I would recommend Bucuti and week at each. Timeshare rentals that time of year are cheap!
    Please contact via e-mail at

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    I don;t have a timeshare; but you can already see that members of this "Forum," are happy to give advice/recommendations regarding timeshares and the various resorts as well.

    Please add my congratulations to all the others that you have already received/and will receive. You, most definitely, have picked "Paradise" to enjoy your 35th Wedding Anniversary.


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    Hi Bob, Congratulations on your 35th my wife and I had our 40th in Aruba last year. Like everyone has recommended Time Share is the way to go. You will just love Aruba started going to Aruba back in 2000 for our anniversary and we have been going ever since. I hope you enjoy your stay. Good luck. Dick.
    Next Aruba trip in

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    Wow bob our 35th is next year also....We are going to aruba also but in winter,actually a group of us.. staying at playa linda.



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