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Thread: 3rd trip to Aruba coming soon!

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    3rd trip to Aruba coming soon!

    We are planning a 25th anniversary trip to Aruba for two weeks beginning September 21. The first trip was during 9-11 and given that we didn't know if we could even get home on schedule, we didn't wander too far from the beach and CNN. The second trip was with our daughters. Stayed at the Divi - AI. They loved it. I felt like I was deprived of all the great restaurants we had experience the first time

    This trip we want to make up for all the things we feel we've missed. We are staying at Divi Village the first week and CDM, the second. Thanks to everyone in this forum we have mostly figured out the restaurants we want to eat at. I may have to post one thread in that culinary category related to the Passions - Flying Fishbone - Old Man & The See choices.

    I also have some transportation related questions to post.

    Anyway, just want to thank everyone, in advance, for offering up their Aruba wisdom! I love reading what everyone has to say.

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    If you get a chance on Monday, Sept 22 or 29, stop at the Amsterdam Manor beach bar at 5:00 P.M. There is a bulletin board part there every Monday. Sould be quite a few there.
    Tom & Karen

    Next Trip: Jan. 6 - April 7

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    We are staying at the Divi Village 9/14-9/25. It is our 10th anniversary and our 7th trip to Aruba. Enjoy! Maybe we will bump into you there.

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