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Thread: Another clueless newbie looking for suggestions to stay

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    Talking Another clueless newbie looking for suggestions to stay

    This will be my first trip to Aruba. We are planning on arriving for the week of 7/12. I will be joined by my wife and my son (18yrs old), and daughter (21 years old). They each will be bringing a friend along , so Mom and Dad can relax. I am looking for suggestions to stay.. I am looking to stay around the $800 - $1000.00 budget per person...All inclusive??? I am the only big drinker of the crowd..( that's because of my two kids !!!)...What is the best way to book a trip like this??? Jet Blue?? ...go directly thru the hotel????not really sure.... Any help would be appreciated.....

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    I thought I would move this so the post will not get lost.

    You will receive as many suggestions as there are resorts and travel agents.

    1. Do your research there are bargains to be had es

    2. There are a ton of resources on the internet to make #1 pretty simple

    My own thinking in your circumstance:
    The Tamarijn resort is close to downtown for nightlife for the young people and an overall great value for the money. I "think" it will fit into your budget depending on airfare from where you are departing. Flexibility in dates sometimes makes all of the difference. more Tamarijn info here on the forum Tamarijn reviews

    Our family has been booking our Aruba travel for years through MCM Tours They sell only travel to Aruba and can answer all your questions.

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