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    Any beach!!

    Another Newcomer

    While I have been reading this site for months and getting tons of good info, today is my first post. Arrive in Aruba on Sunday, November 22nd. Consider myself a foodie (read obsessed) and this will not only be my first trip to Aruba, but my first real vacation in many, many years. Plan to ask a about specific recommendations on the appropriate area of the site, but for now I have made reservations at Madame Jannette. While staying at the Divi which is all inclusive, I still want to check out local restaurants. Can't wait!!
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    Any Aruba beach...
    Welcome to the forum.

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    ahhhhh a foodie!
    aren't most of us foodies?

    you cannot go wrong with MJs.

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    Welcome, Staying at the Divi AI, Classy eats check out Windows on Aruba discounted for AI off main menu $30pp.(on site Red Parrot, Paparazzi(take cover-up cold ac).

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