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Thread: April 2nd - April 9th at the Lacabana Resort

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    April 2nd - April 9th at the Lacabana Resort

    New to the Forum, my husband and I will be there April 2nd entil April 9th staying at the Lacabana Resort. 1st time to Aruba not knowing alot about it, but it sounds Great. Beaches look wonderful and counting the days down as well. How is the horseback riding and the diving there? Is it reasonable?

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    Welcome to the forum. I moved your post because I felt you deserved your own thread.

    For pricing information I would go to each individual website to view pricing for precisely what type of excursion you want. The same goes for the diving as well, though imo diving is never cheap.

    You can find a listing of companies at

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    Won't and can't speak for the diving, though many will say it's incredible, I can speak on the horseback riding, and on the whole, pretty good. Pick your stable, get opinions.

    My choice (for what it's worth, and yes, I'm a seasoned rider) goes in the direction of
    Rancho La Ponderosa. You'll find their website for sure, and it's worth the research.

    There ya go, my two cents on that...
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    excellent horseback riding LaPonderosa and Rancho ElPaso
    welcome to the community forum

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    what about the gold mine horse ranch (think thats the name)

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    el gocho texas de brasil madame jeanettes
    I been going for years, do one of those timeshare tours and then at the end dont buy.. You still get you fre gift which sometimes includes great activities..

    I also stay at the la cabana when i go..

    good luck and have fun

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