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Thread: Aruba Bound

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    Quote Originally Posted by Boston_Aruba View Post
    Rennaissance seems to have our key location and has adults section. I read it very close to airplanes.
    You would NEVER know a plane is flying overhead..its a NON-issue. The beauty of renn. is their private island which hands down is pure perfection.

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    The only words i can add to cindy's are and I never have stayed there, but talk on this site to many that do, if the noise was that bad, people wouldn't love the place as much as they do , would probably be great for you and your friend, lots of close shopping and just strolling around, yet Cindy will also tell you a few places to just relax , have a couple of cocktails, hang on the private island, maybe get a massage, seems really nice, if I was going away with one of BF, this is what we would want also.

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    Divi All inclusive is the best !!!
    I totally agree with Arubalisa. The Divi AI or the Tamarijn. Its in the low rise section so the beach is not crowded like it is in the high rise section. The high rise has so many people on the beach, but some people like that. The Divi has one of the most beautiful beaches But the Tam has a younger crowd I think. Where ever you choose you will have fun !

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