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Thread: Aruba here we come

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    Talking Aruba here we come

    I started going to ARUBA in 1968 - when Aruba was only 3 hotels and ONE traffice light -

    We've made 25 trips in that 1968 - 2001 time period

    Our last visit was in 2001 - We have NOT been back since.

    Are there any all includive hotels left? I know the weather is PERFECT and I also know that the Natural Bridge Collapsed in that time period too.

    Is Charliesi Bar still there? We're thinking of going back SPRING of 2009 - ANY one who can help me with anything "new" I'd really appreciate it.

    You can E-mail me direct

    Thank you


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    So much has changed since 2001 but it's still the same happy island. Charlie's Bar is still there and you can find many of us there much of the time. Sadly, Charlie himself died in 2004 but his son is there as is Cornelius (one of the best bartenders on the island) and Charlie's nephew Luis as well.

    Hope to see you on the island soon. Why wait until 09'?
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