Hi I'm Beth, I live on the island and I grew up running through Hotel Lobbies, around the pool and listening to the bands during Happy Hour. I love this island, it is my home and my paradise. When I was 12 I would hijack the bands and sing a song or two... my favorite song was My heart will go on! So, needless to say I'm a singer, and I want to share with you any information you need about our local music talents, because we have many!

We have some really great musicians on the island that have gone far on an International level, for example Ivan Jansen is known for his exquisite and original jazz compositions and his excellent entertainment quality. Another great musician is Jeremy Bonarriba, he toured with Intwine for a good while in Holland as their drummer.

To be honest, I'm not great with musical terms, I just know great evening music when I hear it, so share with me who you've seen live and what you thought!

Do you know our traditional music?