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Thread: Coming to Aruba in Jan

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    Coming to Aruba in Jan

    We are a Canadian retired couple looking for a 3-4 month stay in a reasonable price range. Aruba looks beautiful and we would love to be able to come there. If anyone can point us in the right direction to find a reasonably priced 1 bedroom or studio, we would appreciate it. The internet is full of ads but they are outrageously expensive. Again, thanks!

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    Well as I can relate anywhere is probably better than most places in Canada in January Well unless of course you are a winter person. Have you been looking at only beachfront types of condos? There are alot of options on the island as you noticed. I could list off a few smaller hotel type places but not sure what your price range is. Wacayama Apartments are nice. Paradera Park is further inland but also a nice place. For that time period maybe a small house?

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    welcome to the community forum.

    have you tired to look into Quality Apartments?
    you might be able to find something there for $1500 p month

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