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Thread: Coming Soon to Arubaland

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    Question Coming Soon to Arubaland

    Hello Everyone,
    I'm new here on, and will being visiting the island in 2009. Yes...Yes i know i'm ahead of myself. My boyfriend and I, along with his parents. Will be taken our 7 nights & 8 days vac. in Aruba next year in Sept.. Well anyway i was hoping to get some information about where to stay, and things to do. I was looking at the Divi Aruba, it looks nice, could anyone tell me about the place, and other nice places there to stay. My boyfriend is wanting to go on a fishing charter, is there anyone that could recomend any to me. Any help pointing me in the right direction would be great. Have a wonderful day everyone, and thanks for your time.


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    Any Aruba beach...
    Welcome to the forum, below you will find some threads with excellent info regarding the Divi.
    Divi Aruba - Paradise
    Trip Report: Divi All-Inclusive 03/05/08 - 03/12/08
    Very long trip report with lots of photos!
    Divi Ai - Which Rooms?

    For fishing
    Fishing Recommendation

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    Thank You Again...

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    Welcome to the forum. You have plenty of time to plan. You'll also meet people on this board who know the ins and outs of the island.

    There are fishing charters available at the Seaport Marina in downtown. A friend of mine is headed out next week so remind me to follow up on his adventure.

    You'll also find some general info on my blog that is part of my signature.

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