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Thread: Counting the days until July 9th.

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    Madame Janettes, Rumba's, Driftwood, El Goucho, Marina Parata all for dining. So many places. I love the shopping in town as well as shopping by the Highrises. I go in & out of all the hotels.

    Counting the days until July 9th.

    Hey all my Aruba friends, I cannot wait until July 9th. Will be staying at the Costa Linda. Send me a line if you will be on the island then. Regards Rose

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    Have a great time - wish that I could be there - but will have to wait till January for my next trip. ENJOY!!

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    Well I look at the calander and you leave in two day's use must be very excited I have to wait until August 1st. Have a GREAT time.
    Next Aruba trip in

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