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Thread: February 16-24th

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    February 16-24th

    In mid February my g/f and I will be coming to Aruba for the first time, staying near Malok. I can't wait to eat some fresh seafood and hit up the casinos. Are there any local spots I should check out or any restaurants that are a must?

    Where are the best casinos located? I would love to play in some Texas hold em tournaments while I am there.

    Thank you in advance!

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    Hi Duke,
    My husband and I and two other couples will be arriving in Aruba for our first time on 2/14 - 2/21. We will probably see you in some casinos!

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    Quote Originally Posted by DuKe View Post
    Are there any local spots I should check out or any restaurants that are a must?
    My favorite restaurants:
    Bingos (my newest favorite)
    Madame Janettes (very yummy)
    Old Man and the Sea(most romantic)
    Salt and Pepper (reasonably priced and very good)
    Chalet Suisse (Deceivingly good)

    La Trattoria el Faro Blanco (Lighthouse restaurant) -Food is not so great but I highly recommend making reservations for the deck at sunset for appetizers and drinks. Then go somewhere else for entrees! (Dont forget camera)

    My favorite casino is Holiday Inn.. I have always been lucky there.
    The largest one, I believe, is Alhambra, thats where I think you will find the most action. I can't recall the name of the one downtown but I know someone here will know it!
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    Hi Duke: My wife and I have been returning to Aruba for 12 years. Most of the Casinos are great- except the Alhambra. The staff there is rude!----The seaport in town is good, as is the Hyatt and the Marriot.-- Good luck!--- Bob. D.
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