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Thread: First time to Aruba

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    First time to Aruba

    This wilL be my first trip to Aruba. I am a seasoned traveler to the dR. So looking forward to it. Staying at the Holiday Inn Sunspree from 4/2/11 until 4/9/11. Heard the nightlife is great. Anyone have any tips on casinos and anything else to do? Thank you in advance so looking forward to my trip


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    welcome to the community forum

    ask as many questions as you want!!

    do check out those links lisa provided

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    Hi Jason! Welcome! Don't forget to use the Search feature (see the list on the left) -- answers there to everything you could imagine, and more!!!!

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    Hi, Welcome to the Aruba Forum, don't know alot about nightlife, although we did enjoy Soprano's a couple of nites, after up early, sunfilled days, a few beers, and a good dinner, and after dinner cocktail, we would be exhausted, head to bed. Have a wonderful time..

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    Welcome . . . we are not frequent casino goers . . . I tend to have my best luck playing the ATM . . . it ALWAYS gives me money! That being said, the Holiday Inn casino tends to be the go-to spot for a few of us - it is a fun place, the trio plays some nice music every night from 9:30 onwards . . . we go there to listen to the band, have a night cap, and just have some all-round fun including playing the tables and slots (a bit). The staff is very pleasant (including the dealers and pit-bosses). The new owner is Venezuelen and he has kept some of the features of the casino to maintain the atmosphere which really attracted people there. Enjoy! Michael

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