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Thread: First time on site and have a weather question, thank you!

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    First time on site and have a weather question, thank you!

    Hello to all!!!

    I am planning my first trip to Aruba for my 29th birthday! I plan on going from April 28th to May 4th 2009.

    My question is: How is the weather during this time of year in Aruba? I love to lay out on the beach all day and tan...will it be warm enough to do that?

    Pardon my ignorant question, for I don't know anyone who's been there during that time of year....thank you so much for reading!

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    we go every year for the past 12 yrs. in April. The weather is perfect, as is the very strong sun. All I can say is take it easy while sunning.

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    Heve spent over 100 April days in Aruba. Only one day of rain and one additional cloudy day over this entire time. We go two weeks every April and typically see about a total of 30 minutes of passing showers over the entire two weeks.

    Temps are perfect for the beach.
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    Any Aruba beach...
    April weather
    Average high temperature 88 F.
    Average low temperature 77 F.
    Average temperature 81 F.
    Average water temperature 80 F.
    Average rainfall .50 inches (20.3 inches annual)
    Average windspeed 18 mph

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    You will not be able to lay on the beach and tan all day, you will be burned to a crisp. The weather in late march and april is absolutely perfect, even by Aruban standards.

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    The weather really doesn't change much in aruba no matter what time of year it is. Sometime's may get a shower, but usually always 80's and sunny with a beautiful breeze



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    Be careful with that sounds crazy, but the sun if different (and much stronger) in Aruba....Enjoy ! and welcome to the site !

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    Isn't the weather in Aruba pretty much the same all year long? Warm and dry! I think anytime is ok to lay out, but as others have said, take it easy under the sun, as it will burn you like a crisp in a short amount of time. Take plenty of sunscreen -- on our beach/pool days we typically go through one bottle of sunscreen for 4 people per day. The good thing, is that there is some great Aruba aloe lotion to be found all over the island.

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    I highly recommend some pre-trip tanning sessions if you can.. It saved mine and my husbands skin big time!
    Every year we have gone we end up red and peely for the first week until we finally start tanning. No amount of sunscreen could prevent it.. I think because we spend so much time doing activities , diving etc etc,, that we just don't re-apply enough. This last trip we both had some tanning sessions before we left and Im definitely going that route from now on!
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    Yeah we tan 4-6 sessions before we go also. I agree it def makes a difference.

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