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Thread: First timer says hello

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    First timer says hello

    Hello from Iowa. My wife and I just made our first trip to Aruba and are already planning to save our pennies so we can return. We were so totally pleased with our stay. The people are so friendly and welcoming. Prices were not at all as high as I anticipated. The food was outstanding as was the Renaissance Hotel & Casino where we stayed. Their private island was our favorite part of the trip. Just wanted to join the many in this forum by saying Aruba is still a jewel of an island and a 5 star vacation destination.

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    Welcome to our forum. We too are Renaissance lovers ! This is a great site so stay tuned....Hope you can return to the island as a lot of us do...cindyo

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    Renaissance Island is wonderful - relaxing and breathtaking, and I like sitting and watching the planes come in and out

    Smile RE: first timer says hello

    I went to Aruba for the first time in Dec of 2006. (First time I flew ANYWHERE for that matter!) Words could not describe how beautiful it was. We stayed at the Renaissance and the Island was truly amazing. You can see three different shades of blue water!! We bought a time share at the Marriott Surf Club and will be heading back there on January 10th. My sister has a timeshare there as well, only hers is at Playa Linda and she's had hers for years. It's a beautiful place, and the people are wonderful.

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    Welcome to our forum,you now too will become an Aruba addict.

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    Welcome to all Aruba Addicts. I have to add that Renaissance is one of my favorite. WELCOME

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    Quote Originally Posted by tmiklo View Post
    Aruba is still a jewel of an island and a 5 star vacation destination.
    You are so correct.......welcome to the site.

    Glad you liked the Renaissance....private island is the best!
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    hello every one i am new here,

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