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Thread: First timers

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    First timers

    First time in Aruba 10/6 10/15 looking to stay at the Amsterdam Manor. Now the debate at my house is All Inclusive or venture out and try different restaurants, can anyone tell me about the all inclusive at the Amsterdam? Thanks

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    All Inclusive

    What I hear from the guests in my line of work almost daily and mostly from newcomers is that had they known that Aruba was like this they would've never bought into the All Inclusive plan for there are so many places to go, so many good restaurants and the Island is relativelly safe.
    Some do like it though.
    So I guess it's up to the individual and what they're looking for.
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    welcome to the forum! and i know you will have a fabulous time in aruba!
    i agree with cyrilo...there are so many wonderful places to eat in aruba, for all pocketbooks! we joke around the pool that our biggest decision during the day is where to go to eat! i am taking my 6th trip to aruba in september and there are many places we have not tried yet!
    so it is up to the individual, but i think if you come again, try the restaurants!

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    restaurant v/s all inclusive

    I have to say that I talk to many wonderful people all around the island that stay at various resorts. The ones who like all inclusive love to drink as well as just to chill by the pool and leisure around. I would have to say that almost everyone though ventures out. Many vacationers want to try aruban food and many just want a different dining scenery or have heard great things about other fabulous restaurants. Aruba has many restaurants of every nation and it would be a shame to not try another restaurant. The restaurants are pretty much all walking distance near hi rise and low rise has a few scattered all around as well. I would suggest what fits your budget and your family.

    Have a great vacation in Aruba
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    Congrats on your upcoming trip! You will have a blast. I highly reccomend AGAINST AI in Aruba. While on other Islands - AI can be great. In Aruba - you would miss all the Island has to offer. And if I remeber correctly - AI as Amsterdam Manor is ridiculously expensive.
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    I would definitely recommend against it, not only if you are not a drinker you are paying more money, but also the island is to beautiful to stay put.

    There are lots of restaurants with or with out bars that offer specials and happy hours, you do not want to miss trying different meals from all over the World on one small island.

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    Congrats on your first trip! You are going to fall in love with Aruba. I'm sure this won't be your last trip!

    I'm in the minority here re AIs. I've been to Aruba 3 times and have done AI each time (some awesome, some not). I haven't stayed at Amsterdam, so I have no words of wisdom to share. I personally like AIs as I am a drinker. My last trip I went solo, so I stuck around the resort and it was perfect. I find enough variety at the AI to satisfy me. I guess it all depends on what your preference is. If you want to experience the island, then I wouldn't recommend AI.

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    I say no to Al but if they offer it for a drink and breakfast plan go for it.Drinks are VERY expensive.

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    different strokes, different folks
    i was unaware that Amsterdam Manor offered AI.
    Amsterdam Manor has a GOOD restaurant and a terrific pool and beach bar.
    Also too there is their restaurant area on the beach.

    We have done all inclusinve a few times at Tamarijn and at the old Grand.
    Loved it.
    Loved the fact that we had to bring little cash (cept for tipping)
    We knew ahead of time that we could eat, drink and be merry without the worry of omgosh how much did that cost?
    Now that our son is grown we do not do AI.
    Try it out, and make sure you do not deprive yourself a few al lacarte restaurants......madam janette for example ;-)

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    We stay at Amsterdam Manor every year and never do the AI option there because we love going out at night to various restaurants and bars. We stay for 2+ weeks so eating and drinking out can get expensive. Amsterdam Manor's rooms come with a full kitchen or kitchenette so we usually do breakfast "in" and buy alot of our drinks at the main grocery stores (we pack a soft sided cooler and take that to the beach with us.) Of course, we also buy drinks at the beach bar during happy hour (2 for 1) and also order lunch from the beach bar on occasion, too.

    There are a couple of restaurants you can walk to in the area (besides Mango's and Passions at Amsterdam Manor). But the majority of the restaurants are downtown (10 minutes away) or in the high rise hotel area (5 minutes away.) You can take the bus (which stops right in front of Amsterdam Manor and is safe and cheap), a taxi, or rent a car.

    On the flip side, we have friends from England who stay at Amsterdam Manor and they always do AI there and prefer it since they don't like messing around with the money exchange, etc.

    But it's really up to you as far as your personal preferences and how you'd like to spend your vacation.

    Info on Amsterdam Manor's AI option:
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