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Thread: First Timers - 41 days & counting

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    First Timers - 41 days & counting

    My name is Cinda. My partner & I live in Seattle and we decided that since we are turning 40, we needed an adventure we had never been on.
    Aruba here we come!!
    We will be there May 1-9 and have used this site to find some awesome things to do. Anyone has any ideas/advise ... hook a "kid" up

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    welcome to the forum!!!
    hahaha while you are still 39, it is ok for you to still be a "kid" ;-)

    you need to do something to celebrate your crossing into "adulthood" ;-)

    the kunukoo bus bar hopping trip is fun.
    a snorkel with jolly pirates or tranquilo is awesome.
    or.......a helicopter tour?

    read the activities section and make a plan.

    welcome and happy birthday to you and your sig other!

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