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Thread: First trip to Aruba in 4 weeks - Honeymoon!

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    First trip to Aruba in 4 weeks - Honeymoon!

    Hi everyone

    I will be travelling to Aruba in 4 weeks with my husband for our honeymoon. We're staying in the Bucuti Beach Resort.

    Can anyone suggest any restaurants, shops, day trips we should try to fit in.



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    Laura, my suggestion is you look thru this site, and read each topic. You will get a "flare" for what questions to ask.
    There are places to eat depending on what you're looking for( seafood, italian, steaks, romantic, fine dining, etc) , there are boat rides to take, depending on what you're looking for( sunsett cruise, snorkel sail, booze cruise), there are sights to see( not many IMOP), tell us what you want to do?? Fine it tune your requests and we all can answer better.
    At any rate, you've picked a great place.

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    Romantic Lunch at Matilde.

    Sunset cruise: there are several operators discussed on the boards.

    Party Bus: Several operators, too. Lots of fun.

    Rent a car for the day: Trek around the island, find a nice spot for picnic lunch

    Just a few ideas.
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    Laura, I agree wit both of the above ideas for you.....scan this forum and also go onto the top and into the drop down will get ideas for snorkeling, torus, restaurants, etc.........Renting a jeep and going on a nice picnic lunch sounds amazing...I would definitely do that, just check wity the desk at the hotel and see if they may be able to pack you a lunch !!!!
    I definitely would suggest some kind of cruise...Jolly Pirates is fun, or Tattoo
    What ever you do you will have a wonderful time !!! Enjoy !!!!

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    Hi Laura, Best of luck with ur upcoming wedding. I am also going to Aruba with my husband on our honeymoon arriving on the 10th AUgust and also staying in Bucuti Beach resort. I have found this forum great and can honestly say am addicted its great to find out the hot spots etc.

    We have booked a table at the flying fishbone and have reserved one of the tables in the water.. from reading reports on this forum i believe it is a must while holidaying in Aruba but i believe that booking in advance is necessary to ensure to get ur preferred seating...
    I also enquired through our travel agent about the one cool honeymoon package that is available in most resorts in Aruba including the Bucuti Beach Resort.. We have included this offer and i believe what is included is bottle of chilled champagne on arrival, goodie basket, sunset cruise and meal on the beach.. u need to check this offer to ensure im right but it seems great especially for a honeymoon...
    Enjoy im counting da days til we arrive there we cant wait...

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    Quote Originally Posted by SanNic44 View Post
    Romantic Lunch at Matilde.
    I second this suggestion. See here Matilde


    Bryan Morris

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    I'm gonna be honest. There are a few things to see and do while you are in Aruba, but make sure you just kinda chill out and relax for a few days. Bucuti beach is a very relaxing place and it will go to waste on you if your out running around all the time. Everyone is different, but that was my experience from being there.

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