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Thread: first visit in august

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    first visit in august

    Hello. I am planning my first visit to aruba this august, I cant wait. I found this website and I cant get enough of it. I am staying at the Tamarijn and getting married there. I have recently read about parts of the beach being rocky. At this point I am hoping for the best. Can anyone tell me how I would go about going parasailing, never done it- but want to. Is there any one else visiting the Tamarijn in August?

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    What an exciting time for you to look forward to. You will love the island.
    Parasailing can be done down at the high rise hotels. Don't know any of the prices though. Looks fun, ( I am to chicken..) but my teen daughter wants to do it.

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    Congrats on the pending wedding. Wind surfing can also be done just past the high rise hotels. There are several operators up there, right on the beach. Welcome to the island and don't forget to use sunscreen!
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