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    General Question!

    I have been a visitor to Aruba for 20+ years, obviously, we love this island. The last couple of years I have purchased numerous weeks as they have become ' to good of a deal to pass up'. I now own 9 weeks, but the thing that I am finding as time goes by, is that almost all of the facilities that are grouped into the 'timeshare' catagory, have NO, or at least, VERY limited facilities for the interaction of owners or members amongst theirselves. My last purchase for example was at the DIVI VILLAGE. I have found NO WAY to interact or correspond with other owners or members. As a matter of fact, the only info I can obtain is what the resort wants you to know and even then, it's like pulling teeth! Most of our weeks are at the ABC and the CDM. The ABC has been going thru this ' problem' for about the last year and a half. I just have a strong belief, that as an owner in good standing I should have the right and be able to correspond with any and all member/owners of our association. I honestly beleive that there has been a concerted effort to maintain this ' member/owner non-inter communication ' fiasco! The members at ABC have had to go outside of our club/association to create our own website and /or message board, so that we can interact with other members/owners and to me that is not only wrong but unimaginable!!! (, if anyone is interested ) I would sincerely like to hear any and all opinions on this . Thanks

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    Start your own "owners club" here. We currently have a Rennaissance Timeshare Owners club here and all communicate with each other.

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    I own all of my weeks at Divi Village and would be happy to correspond with you and other members. If someone wants to take the initiative to start a website I would certainly jump onboard and discuss anything or everything.

    Just to clarify what CindyO said about a Rennaissance Owners Club...are you talking about this forum ??? And if you are how do we go about starting one ?? Do I have to check with the Moderators or what ?????

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    Information on starting a social group here on the forum. Current groups

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