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Thread: Getting Married in Aruba!

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    Getting Married in Aruba!

    Hi Everyone!! My name is Heather and I just got engaged on 10/22/09! My FI and I live in Philadelphia, PA and we want to have our wedding in Aruba on 10/22/10. So far that is all we know about our wedding! I am looking into the Westin, Divi/Tamarijn, Radisson, and Aruba Marriott Casino. If anyone has any information, recommendations or pictures please let me know!



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    you got some homework to do huh?

    welcome to the forum.
    i am going to copy your post and post it in the weddings/honeymoon section.

    don't be a stranger.
    be active on the site.
    ask lots of questions.
    there are many of us that would enjoy being cyberwedding planners with you.


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    Heather, I am going to throw another suggestion into your mix. CHeck out Rennaissance private island for the site. I posted some pictures in the gallery... ~Amy~ just got back from a weddding there. My teen daughters WILL have their weddings there. DOn't want to mix you up just give you another thought ! Best wishes

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    Also check Bucuti Beach Resort or anything along Eagle Beach or Palm Beach if you want to have a sunset ceremony.

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