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Thread: Going for first time in March - Hi from NY!

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    Going for first time in March - Hi from NY!

    Hi All,

    I am heading to Aruba for the first time in March. I read a lot on this forum, tripadvisor, and various guide books and the GF and I chose Aruba over lots of other choices like Bahamas, Jamaica, and Hawaii! We are staying at the Radisson for 5 nights and are very excited.

    We are looking forward to snorkeling with jolly pirates? (they seem very popular on this forum and are planning on ATV tours (Is Kini Kini the best one? I read mixed reviews on Tripadvisor) as well as a tour of the island. I guess I should e-mail the famous "Bully" soon

    Hope to hear from anyone who reads this!

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    welcome to the community forum.

    i recommend that you read the categories
    Getting Around Aruba

    lots love the jolly pirate. it is a lively fun filled snorkeling, eating, drinking and swinging adventure.
    kini kini is a good option.
    2 of our members give good island tours and you can read about them on "getting around aruba" cyrilo croes is and taxidriver is Bully.

    1 piece of not over schedule yourselves.
    you only have 5 days, so do not overdo.


    you have your homework cut out.


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    thanks for the welcome and reply with tips, andrea!

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    warcraftpro: if you are coming on a rather romantic trip with your significant other you may be better served with a candid snorkel experience, off the top of my head I know Strea Charters have a great set up for couples, their aim is to take you away from the crowds, they have a great 20 foot yacht. I know their tripadvisor reviews are really good!

    I think you can just find them online or on Facebook , for more info.
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