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Thread: Going for first time in Septamber

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    Going for first time in Septamber

    We are traveling to Aruba in September to celebrate our 25th Wedding Anniversary. We have never been to Aruba before and are excited about the trip. I had thought that we might renew our Wedding Vows while there, the wife is not sold on the idea yet, but we really haven't talked too much about it. specifically, she thought that family and/or friends would usually be present to witness such a thing and help celebrate. This is not the case as we will be traveling alone. Anyway, I have read about a few options and been in email contact with Reverend Gibson and he is helpful. He seems highly reccomended. I am thinking that we should do the Vows thing, then dine romantically on the beach. Again, several suggestions were provided. Passions was one, Old Man and the Sea was another, as well as Beach Bistro. I threw another into the mix after finding it on the Hyatt site. Pampered in Paradise at their footprints restaurant seems very romantic and memorable. The Reverend also said he could the ceremony right there. So, any thoughts, suggestions, ideas, or reviews of Pampered? or any of the other places either for that matter. All suggestions welcome even though we will be thoroughly confused I am sure we can make an educated decision. That is, "if" she decides she'd like to do this.

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    Renewal of Vows

    conversation is also about the same post on the above link.

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