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Thread: Greetings from Colorado

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    I saw so many newbie greetings I just picked the most recent one.
    I'm from Suriname, South America. I've been to Aruba a few times, I have a some relatives there. I went with my husband the first time and we had a blast.
    Someone said to me you can see all of Aruba in a half hour. Well I guess we drove through Aruba in a half hour but we didn't see it all.
    We will be going back in march with three other friends. We pride ourselves for knowing our way around there a bit so we're eager to play guide. haha
    I have checked out this forum quite a few times and the tips were really helpful.
    Thanks in advance and I hope to learn more about Aruba here.

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    ditto from a fellow very infrequent lurker
    Quote Originally Posted by Arubalisa View Post
    Welcome my friend Sue!
    Btw, she is already a member of the Bully Fan Club.

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