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Thread: Hello to Everyone

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    Hello to Everyone

    I have been reading this board for the last few days and I must say that I have gotten tons of great information from everyone. Thank you for that. My wife and I are going to be visiting Aruba from June 16 - June 23. We are both extremely excited for this trip. My wife first went to Aruba in 2002 with her family and I have never been to Aruba. We have always talked about being able to go to Aruba together and I can't believe we are actually going. We are staying at the Holiday Inn with an Ocean Front view so that will be great. I have read a lot of reviews and some are quite harsh on the Holiday Inn. My wife and I didn't want to spend a ton of money on the hotel because we want to spend it on the great restaurants, tours, sailing trips, etc. We are not expecting a five star resort and basically need the room for sleeping, so that is why we didn't shell out more money for a fancier hotel. I am sure there are people on this board that have stayed at the Holiday Inn before and if you have an opinion on the hotel or helpful tips for us, they would be greatly appreciated. Also, any tips on things to be sure and do for a first timer to the island would also be appreciated. My wife and I want to rent a car for 1 day and see some of the island on our own and visit some great beaches for swimming or snorkeling. Any tips on some great beaches besides Palm or Eagle Beach? I know these are a lot of questions but the advice here is great and everyone is so knowledgable. Thanks again and I am glad to be a member of this board.

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    Happy to have you punching keys with us!!!! I will tell you to watch out for some guy named Love God, and gals Cindyo and Arubalisa they can all be trouble makers!!!! ( I am just kidding)

    Thanks for joining!!!
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    Ken're in there are as addicted as all of us....oh, you forgot the newest "trouble maker" rob o....
    Now, to the first timers Digger0713, you have made a wise and addicting choice to visit Aruba. My quick advise; rent a car for a day or 2 and tool around, thats alot of fun, visit the downtown area and shop, eat at Iguana Joes for lunch or dinner, visit the "huts" along the water front, Flying Fishbone for dinner, snorkel sail or sunset sail on the Depalm boat....enjoy...keep reading the post for the next month and you will get great tips...cindyo

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    Welcome to the Forum Digger0713!!!!...sounds like you have enjoyed your experience so far. Keep a leary eye on the two characters who posted above me...they are quite the jokesters.. This IS THE PLACE for a lot of island information!

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    Welcome aboard Digger, I am sure you will enjoy the HI we have always had a good time when we have stayed there.

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    Any Aruba beach...
    Quote Originally Posted by Digger0713 View Post
    We are staying at the Holiday Inn with an Ocean Front view so that will be great.
    Welcome to the forum and have fun with your research. There are photos from a family's January visit to the Holiday Inn and stay in an Oceanfront room at Imo, you cannot go wrong with that view.

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    no scaring newbies away!
    behave y'all

    holiday inn
    stayed there a couple of times
    great beach
    rooms ok, nothing special but certainly clean and acceptable.
    food at holiday inn mediocre at best.

    welcome to the forum
    we are all nice folks and love to tease one another especially the posters b4 mine!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Digger0713 View Post
    I have read a lot of reviews and some are quite harsh on the Holiday Inn.
    Who cares what hotel you're'll be in Aruba! Most hotels share the same two beaches anyway....they all share the same weather. We spend two weeks there every year....doubt if we have 5 days out of the other 351 days per year that are as nice as the 14 we spend in Paradise.
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    Be there in June also

    We will also be there June 18th - 25th ( wednesday to wednesday was MUCH cheaper flights) He have stayed at several hotels including The Holiday Inn and all have been goo for what they are there for (shower and sleep). The only thing about the Holiday Inn is one of the towers- I believe it was the Curacao, it is older and a little run down- we had to be moved from our first room due to some mold on the walls and ceiling- that was a year ago and I know they were remodeling. The rest of the resort was great. We are staying at the Aruban ( old La Cabana) just because of the price. If you have any question feel free to contact us.

    Rick & Sara

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    I also have stayed a few times at the Holiday Inn when I either use my priority points or when I get a good rate.

    Make sure you request either the Bonaire or Aruba Tower as they have been renovated. The Seabreeze Restaurant is not bad but haven't heard many good reports on their Italian Restaurant - Caffe da Vinci. If you want good Italian food I go to either Azzurro's (next door to H.I. at Playa Linda) or Gianni's across from the Radisson.

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