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Thread: Hello I am here

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    the desert. the national park just laying on the beach in total relaxation.

    Smile Hello I am here

    Hi folks,
    I'm just found this site and I think it is really cool. My wife (Vicki) and I (Grady) have been going to aruba since 1990. Vicki and I feel inlove with the island after and excursion off of a cruise ship. We have a timeshare at the Aruba Phoenix, our week starts the last saturday in january. We alway get to visit at least a couple parades and just have a ball. I've learn how to really relax on this island, something I never been able to do anywhere else. We feel safe and love the people. Were from Jacksonville, Alabama, a small college town in kinda northeast Alabama.

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    Welcome to the forum
    You will find many people who share your love of Aruba here
    Have a great day
    Arubapiggy, Aruba Dreaming

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    Any Aruba beach...
    Welcome to the forum.

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