Hi everyone,

I am new on this community ... I have been to Aruba a couple of times last year and am incredibly in love with that island.
During my study in the Netherlands I met some fellow students from the Dutch Antilles and only because of them I have been to Aruba. Suzanne is one of them and offered me the hospitality of the people and helped me out with my master research which I did on Aruba. Recently I was able to finish my research and graduated and have a master degree in international leisure and tourism studies. Now, it is my time to give her something back - she needs people who have been to Aruba at least and preferably you work in the hospitality industry (e.g. tourism, hotel, tourist information etc.) She wants to finish her research as soon as possible and is doing a quantitative analysis ... please help us out!

People who want to join, please contact me and I will send you the questionnaire ...

Many thanks in advance!