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Thread: Hi everyone!

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    Smile Hi everyone!

    Hi everyone! how are you? my Name is Lenny, i am From Córdoba, Argentina. First i apologies for my english, it´s kind of rusty haha. i am 27 Years old and i will marry with Sabrina on March. We choose Aruba for our honneymoon, and now we are searching information about acomodations. we considered the all inclusive but we noticed that is Expensive, around usd 3800 for eleven nights. but in the other hand we consider a resort like the Mill which seems nice (is it?) and it has a kitchen to prepare our own food sometimes tha we dont want to lunch outside. i was wondering estimated prices of foods and beberages - i mean beer haha - in the supermarket. i was wondering too about dinner prices at a good restaurant. thanks a lot, i just learned too much reading your posts and was very usefull and informative, i can see it is a very kind community and it encourage me to join.


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    welcome to the Aruba Forum Lenny

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    Welcome to the community forum and many good wishes to you and sabrina!

    yes, all inclusives in aruba are a bit pricey.

    i would recommend checking out timeshares for rent. check here and check

    the mill gets very mixed reviews. it is a short walk to the beach. it is very clean. it has lots of families. the pool is nice.

    dinner prices at a moderately priced restaurant , not including liquor,will run you about $65 - $70 per couple including the tip.
    (many restaurants do not add on a gratuity)

    beer...good question. i hope others post some costs/prices on groceries and beer.

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    In the pool.
    Here are some liquor and beer price comparisons:

    Price Smart Versus Lings - Liquor Price Comparison

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    Hi Lenny!

    Welcome to the Community Forum! Great honeymoon choice

    There are many ways to save a bit on your food & drink - buying & cooking your own food in a timeshare is a great way to cut costs.
    Jacki ~ loving Aruba from NJ

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    Beer is very expensive, imo, on the island. The least expensive appears to be Balashi, which is brewed locally. There are a number of places that offer 2 for 1 Happy Hours. If you are heavy drinkers the AI might be your best option.
    Trip #13 Coming Up Next In October.

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    Welcome to the forum..... yup, you may find some things pricey compared to home.... but it really is worth it being in Aruba.

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