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Thread: Hi! Iím new to this message board

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    Hi! Iím new to this message board

    ...and fairly new to the island. I first set foot on Aruba soil in Mar of 08. I liked the island, the weather and felt so safe here that I moved here in October 08. I bought a house that needed lots of work and have been slowly building/remodelling it since. As that has been my main focus Iíve not spent much time building a life here. Iíve been here a year and most of the people I know are folks who have worked on the house with me. I thought this might be a way make contact with some new people who will not end up ďworkingĒ for me - unless they really really want to! Hahaha.

    I've seen that there is a Monday gathering - does that still happen??

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    Welcome to the forum. You will find many Aruba addicts here. Lucky you that you have a home on the island. But sorry to hear that you haven't met many people except for workers. Mondays there is a get together at Amsterdam Manor (Eagle Beach) for Happy Hour (buy 1 get 1) from 5-6 pm. This would be a great place for you to meet new friends. There are quite a few people from the U.S. that own homes on the island and go to the Bulletin Board get togethers frequently. I know there are quite a few vacationers in Aruba this and next week.

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