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Thread: honeymoon - 1st visit to aruba

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    Thumbs up honeymoon - 1st visit to aruba

    LOVED IT! We stayed at the Rui (all inclusive) which was fabulous. Service was great, everyone was very nice, clean rooms, and fully stocked liquor/fridge every day. Tropical storm Omar put a damper on a few days but washed up a lot of great souviners. Can't wait for next year. What time of the year should we go?

    Thanks arubamark for showing me this site

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    Arubakitcat...March and April are a real nice time of is Sept and October

    Palm Beach March 2016
    Aruba May & June 2016
    Aruba Dec 2016 NYE

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    Any Aruba beach...
    Early January most people are still "home" recovering from the holidays, the weather in Aruba is comfortable and it is the very end of rainy season.

    March was perfect weather but high season so more people, higher hotel cost.

    September had a few showers, but the water is at it's warmest. Some days are without wind when there are other "tropical events" in the Caribbean. If you do not mind HOT, it is perfect.

    Our favorite is June, before the kid's get out of school the crowds are smaller. Weather hot, but windy to keep comfortable and comfortable ocean temperatures.

    If dh were not a school teacher and we did not have a child, we would definitely give May a shot. Weather identical to June, and a quieter month (except for US Memorial Day).

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    Re: honeymoon - 1st visit to aruba

    Yeah, it is a nice place. Everyone can make their memories more memorable in Aruba, it will be very amazing if your spouse will be with you. Enjoy it......

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    The island itself !

    Smile when to go?

    so far - November has been great time for us when we go ( this is my 4th trip to aruba - 2nd in month of november)
    been there also during april and may and those also are great months
    either spring or LATE fall is perfect time when crowds aren't there
    but either way - you ALWAYS have a wonderful time in ARUBA
    its the PERFECT one Happy island --- can't wait for next 15 days to go by til I'm sitting on beach ...aaahhhh
    Next Aruba trip in

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    Quote Originally Posted by cindyo View Post
    Arubakitcat...March and April are a real nice time of is Sept and October
    The wife and I go in March every year to celebrate our anniversary, conveniently that's the day before National Anthem and Flag day. We've also been there in July, August and September. March is our favorite by a decent margin.

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